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If You Are Having Trouble With Mice In Your Kitchen, Rats In Your Bin Area Or Squirrels In Your Attic, We Can Help! Our Local Qualified Technicians Have Provided Cost-Effective Pest Control Solutions For Essex And London Homes For Over 20 Years!



Mice & Rats 

Mice and rats can enter and damage properties in their search for food, the most common areas found are kitchens and food storage areas. Once they have found a consistent food source, they can nest and reproduce rapidly.

Finding house mice or rats can be very distressing, and for good reason. Not only for the disease concerns but also with their constant gnawing through things such as insulation, walls, floorboards, pipes and even doors to enter areas and to collect material to build their nests.



Squirrels can find their way into homes in their search for nests. The most common areas being attics and wall voids.

Most do not consider squirrels as pests but once they have nested in an attic they can be very troublesome causing all kinds of issues including damaging electrical wiring, contaminating water tanks and gnawing through insulation, woodwork and ceilings.


Fast & Effective Treatment  

We provide Essex and London homes with fast and effective pest solutions for unwanted house 'guests' using a combination of industry proven baits, traps and access sealing techniques.

For common rodent infestations, we carry out a 3-step process:

1. Our qualified technicians will survey the affected area, seal all entry points with pest proof material and carry out a treatment plan.

2. Once the treatment is in place, our technicians will carry out a follow-up visit after one week.

3. A third and final visit is then carried out to confirm rodent activity has ceased*


Price Guide 

3 Site Visits / Treatment Plan / All Proofing Materials Included 


£150 Inc


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* Common household rodent infestations can be treated within three visits, in the case of a high infestation issue and signs of rodent activity are found after the final visit, further treatment may be required. Further Treatments are priced at £50 inc per visit. 




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Pest Control - Rodents image
Pest Control - Rodents image
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